Green Leaf Sober living is a structured environment designed to give our clients all the support they need to be successful  

We provide residents with the best possible opportunity of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. Green Leaf Sober living was designed to help build character, self-esteem, responsibility, self-reliance, and accountability in order to help in the process of rebuilding a life.

Our mission is to help in the healing of the “whole individual”; we assist with emotional, health, environmental, educational, nutritional, career, socialization, life-skills and psychological healing.  

Our emphasis is on supporting the “Whole Person’ in their goal of retaining their sobriety, aiding in healing emotional and/or psychological challenges, becoming a productive member of society and in rebuilding their lives in a positive way.

All of our staff are well-educated in the field of addiction & mental health 

We are very serious about helping our residents maintain their sobriety and supporting them in different facets of their lives.

Green Leaf was established to guide individuals seeking an immersive recovery program in a safe environment within home-like surroundings.

Our goal is to provide our residents a foundation upon which they may gain freedom from the bondage of alcoholism and addiction.

Studies show that up to 85% of individuals that go to a sober living environment after completion of rehab treatment retain their sobriety after living in a sober living.

Mission Statement

When I was child, I experienced living within the unstable environment caused by an alcoholic parent.  My dad was the disruptive element of our family. Weekends and holidays were danger zones and the remaining members of our little middle-class family held our breaths waiting to see how to feel, behave and react. Thank goodness for Alateen, Alanon and therapy.

At the age of 44, my dad died of a massive heart attach due to his alcohol abuse.

When we discovered my younger sister's substance abuse and mental health issues, my family also struggled with that challenge. In 1991, my younger sister was diagnosed with MS and was diagnosed schizo-effective bi-polar in 2007. After those experiences, I wanted to help other individuals and the families that are dealing with substance abuse and/or mental health issues acknowledge, cope, learn new behaviors and heal. 

During my formative and adult life, these experience caused me to make the conscious decision to dedicate my life to helping those who wanted to help themselves.  I have spent the last 8 years building and maintaining Green Leaf to help individuals who seek recovery from any form of addiction and/or mental illness. I am constantly seeking ways to enhance our program – I invite you to visit us to find out why our program is as effective as it is.

In Love and Service,

Saundra Parker,