Welcome to your new start in life.

A progressive & newly constructed residence located in Los Angeles, California, approximately a mile away from the border line between Los Angeles and Culver City.

• Broad emphasis on drug addiction, alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders

• A tailored approach to best suit the individual, this gives us the ability to meet each client where they are. From this point we're able to build a daily scheule  to help you meet your goals.

Why Choose “Green Leaf Sober Living?” There is certainly no shortage of sober living options here in Southern California. In fact, according to the Los Angeles Sober Living Coalition Website www.soberhousing.net, there are over 80 different female, male or co-ed sober living facilities within LA County. They range anywhere from $350 to over $10,000 per month and come in all shapes and sizes. It's our belief you can get sober anywhere if you want it enough. Here at Green leaf  we've constructed a program for the individual. It's been our experience that people absorb information in many different ways. This is way we take a strong stance on truly working with you 1 on1 to help understand you best.

Alcoholism & Addiction

We could write a novel on this topic. The mind of an alcoholic/addict is a very foreign and mysterious concept to those who don’t understand why is it that we do what we do. The idea that a person could throw away everything worthwhile in their life at the prospect of going out on a “bender” is entirely inconceivable to those of a “normal” mindset. Of course, the term “normal” is relative altogether!

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Our Facilities

Green Leaf Sober Living residence provides a very unique and progressive type of layout for our clients. We have taken years of practical and theoretical knowledge and have extracted bits and pieces of many other sober living facilities in order to develop this unique environment. In doing so, we have also kept the “cost” issue in the forefront of our minds in order provide the most, while charging substantially less that other facilities of equal grade.

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